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how to make a pcb board?

Dec 29, 2015

   How to make a pcb board?The base plate of the PCB board is made of an insulating material which is not easy to be bent. As can be seen on the surface of the thickness of line material is copper foil, originally copper foil is covered on the board, and in the manufacturing process, a part of it is etched away and left part becomes network of thin wires the. These lines are called pattern conductor or wiring, and used to provide PCB on the electronic components of the circuit connection.

OKorder how to make a pcb board?

   How to make a pcb board?The positive and negative sides of PCB single panel are called Side (Solder) and welding surface (Side Component). There are different sizes of drilling holes on the board. In general, the electronic components are welded on the PCB board through the hole.The color of the PCB board used in industry is green or brown, which is the color of solder resist (mask solder). This layer is a protective layer of insulation, it can protect the copper wire, but also it can prevent parts being welded to the wrong place. 

   How to make a pcb board?At present, the production process of PCB in the industrial field is developing rapidly, which is suitable for the production of large quantities of PCB plates. However, for radio amateurs, the method which is simple and easy to operate and low cost is more practical,below I will introduce two kinds of PCB board production method, for the reader's reference.

   How to make a pcb board?Immediate post etching method.Please send instant paste (or packing with wide transparent tape) stick on the copper clad plate of copper foil and the veneer drawing printed layout, reoccupy knife carved through the veneer layer and the formation of the desired circuit, peel off the non circuit part and finally corrosion of copper clad plate with ferric chloride can be. Corrosion temperature can be around 55 degrees, the corrosion rate is fast. Corrosion of the circuit board with clear water rinse, remove the circuit on the immediate post, hit the hole, wipe clean with rosin alcohol solution to use.

   How to make a pcb board?Manual and direct drawing plotter.The method is: use drawing pen plotter directly draw the Indian territory in the copper clad plate, which is divided into two: hand painted and plotter from the animation.

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