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To introduce one of the best petrol lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

   Features of the best petrol lawn mower:Lawn machine is a kind of portable garden tool for single use. It has a small gasoline engine as power. It drives the blade to rotate through the drive shaft to accomplish various tasks. It has good durability.It starts very lightweight,it is very simple and convenient operation, applicable scope widely such as: resect forest shrub, weed to tree growth, pedestrians walking. Some little lawn mowing, the roots of the trees around the lawn mowing machine is not up to the place of mowing the lawn can brush cutter.

   Technical parameter of the best petrol lawn mower:

   Engine type: 1E40F-5 (two stroke single cylinder air-cooled)


OKorder To introduce one of the best petrol lawn mower

Exhaust volume (CC): 43cc


Horsepower: 1.76HP (1.3KW)


Cut rod length (CM): 167CM


Net weight: 11kg,


Carburetor: diaphragm, rising carburetor


Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L


Fuel ratio: 25:1

   General safety measures of the best petrol lawn mower:

   1, prohibit the use of indoor;

2, keep the safe distance of the inflammable goods shall not be less than 1m;

3, when refueling, the prohibition of smoking, must stop the engine running, the prohibition of gasoline spills;

4, work with protective equipment and protective equipment, do not use the protective cover;

6, turn and stop before the hands and feet away from the machine.

   Inspection of of the best petrol lawn mower:

   1, fuel surface: from the fuel tank to check the fuel surface, if the fuel surface is low, add fuel to the upper limit. The fuel is mixed with the two - stroke gasoline engine oil 25-40:1, and can not be used with pure gasoline and gasoline containing impurities;

2, air filter: check the air filter filter element of dirt, found that there is dirt should be cleaned;

3, check the throttle throttle cable: cable in the free end of the gap, check the throttle handle operation smoothly;

4, blade: check the blade mounting nut is loose, if necessary, please tighten the nut; check if the blade is a crack, gap, bending and wear, if necessary, to replace;

5, a knife disc shield: check that the cover is loose, if necessary, tighten the security guard bolt; check that the cover is damaged, if you need to replace;

   Maintenance of the best petrol lawn mower:

   1, spark plug removal spark plug, clean up the carbon deposition, measuring (electrode) gap between 0.6 - 0.7mm;

   2, maintenance of fuel filter and clean fuel tank will be poured fuel engine and take out the air cleaner, and gently clean; remove attached in the fuel tank in the water and dirt.

   3, the fuel pipe to check the fuel pipe, if the aging or oil leakage should be replaced in time;

   4, to replace the blade in time

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