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how to make a printed circuit board

Dec 29, 2015

   PCB is the abbreviation of Circuit Board Printed, Chinese name is printed circuit board. PCB is an essential component of each of the electronic devices, almost all large and small electronic components are fixed in the PCB version.Do you know that how to make a printed circuit board?Here is a simple process, it is a low cost method,only use an old laser printer, a household electric iron and a thermal transfer paper, it can be completed in an hour. 

OKorder how to make a printed circuit board?

   How to make a printed circuit board?Printing plate diagram.Please use the laser printer to print a good printing plate on the thermal transfer paper, we must pay attention to the print, not by hand or other things to touch thermal transfer printing paper on the printing plate.

   How to make a printed circuit board?Printed circuit on the board.Thermal transfer paper are printed on the printing plate diagram, please cut it down, ?left some blank in its four sides, face covered in flat, clean the copper clad plate (available sandpaper polished copper clad plate), household electric iron (steam) ironing affixed with a thermal transfer paper copper-clad laminate, how hot a few times, the melting toner completely adsorbed on the copper clad plate.

   How to make a printed circuit board?Remove heat transfer paper.There are two kinds of methods: wet method and dry method. Wet uncovering method: will be affixed with the thermal transfer paper copper clad plate into hot water to soak for 5-10 minutes, peel off a layer of thermal transfer paper, then soak for 10 minutes, and then exposing to the thermal transfer paper, such as board stuck on the rest of the paper, use a toothbrush or the thumb rub. Dry peel method: after the application of copper clad plate heat transfer printing paper.

   How to make a printed circuit board?Etching and cleaning.Please put the copper clad plate into the liquid ferric chloride to corrosion, corrosion removed by flushing "Laquer Thinner" (a kind of diluent) and with a paper towel quickly wipe toner, printed circuit board has produced success.

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