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how to make pcb at home

Dec 29, 2015

   The purpose of this article, in addition to give you a comprehensive introduction that 

how to make pcb at home,it is mainly want to open my mind with you,giving top priority,using a variety of methods to make flexible circuit board.As long as it can meet the requirements of design, which method is used, and even if the use of the circuit board is not important.PCB is the abbreviation of Circuit Board Printed, Chinese name is printed circuit board. PCB is an essential component of each of the electronic devices, almost all large and small electronic components are fixed in the PCB version.

OKorder how to make pcb at home

   How to make pcb at home?---Make the copper clad laminate

   In accordance with the size of the printed layout of the board, so that it is consistent with the size of the actual circuit diagram, and make the deposited copper to keep clean.

   How to make pcb at home?---Printed circuit on the board.

   Please stencil tile on the plate that the pen will plate diagram according to the ratio of 1:1 moment on the stencil, stencil printing plate diagram according to the size of the circuit board to cut and flat on the copper clad plate. With a spot of paint and talcum powder transferred into a thin thick suitable materials, with a brush dipped in take printed tune good material, uniformly waxed paper, repeated several times can be printed circuit printed board (copper clad plate).

   Note: it can be used repeatedly, it is suitable for a small amount of PCB board production.

   How to make pcb at home?---Etching copper clad laminate

   Please put the liquid in the laminate ferric chloride to corrosion.

   How to make pcb at home?---Clean printed board

   Please use the printed board with good corrosion to clean the water again and again. Wipe off the paint with banana water, and then clean a few times, so that the printed board is clean, do not leave the corrosive liquid. Put on a layer of rosin solution to dry after drilling.

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