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The best small lawn mower is my favorite

Dec 29, 2015

   The type of lawn mowing is varied.But the best small lawn mower is my favorite.Why do I like it?That's because the best small lawn mower can meet my requirements.

   Let us look at the introduction of the best small lawn mower is my favorite.

   Rated voltage: 24V/48V/60V


OKorder The best small lawn mower is my favorite

Motor power: 800W


Battery capacity: 15A

   Current: 24V:4A/

48V, 60V:7-8A


Speed: 9000

   24V battery charging time: 7-8 hours


Idle time: 3 hours

   Actual time: about 2 hours.

   The best small lawn mower has has a lot of advantages,such as:

   1.the best small lawn mower is energy saving, low noise, no pollution. This machine is suitable for trimming various hedgerow (Holly, cypress, juniper, Juniperus, juniper, crape myrtle, Berberidaceae, Ligustrum vicaryi, tea tree), spherical hedges, removing weeds. The lawn flatness, dip slope lawn, the width of the degree is not up to the requirements, cart type lawn machine can not be the normal operation of the, the machine can also used to assist mowing the lawn, elimination of activity "dead ends".

   2.The quality of pruning can satisfy the requirement of horticulture. The surface flatness is better than hand pruning, the basic no leakage shear, the tear rate is less than 10%. After pruning to hedge the natural growth state, the formation of crown surface larger, trimming both neat and beautiful and bud leaf appearance than hand pruning the germination and tidy, and the germination number.

   3.Energy saving is very significant. The gasoline engine fuel consumption of 50 yuan a day, the machine work day charge consumes only 0.6 degrees.

   4.its efficiency is high. Single day can be trimmed 6 acres, equivalent to 6 people with a pair of scissors to cut 1 days of work.

   5.the best small lawn mower has many functions. The machine can also be used for the ecological pruning of tea plant and the weeding in the tea garden.

   6.It can extend the operating radius, reduce the construction difficulty of special operations, improve the observation field of vision.

   7.Its durability is good, the failure rate is low. It's not like motor brush cutter, hedge trimmer, it is not "fragile.



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