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how to make pcb board?

Dec 29, 2015

   How to make pcb board?Today, I will introduce to you a method is that tape corrosion method.This method is that to use a pre made of a variety of similar adhesive materials, such as a variety of symbols (points, discs, etc.) posted on the board.

OKorder how to make pcb board?

   How to make pcb board?Drawing a printing plate.Please use the point of the welding disk, the line with a single line, to ensure that the location, size and accuracy.

   How to make pcb board?Make the copper clad laminate.According to the size of the print layout to cut copper clad plate, and the copper clad plate foil to keep clean.

   How to make pcb board?The printing plates are printed on the board.First, we can use carbon paper will plate figure copy on the copper clad plate, depending on the components of the actual size of the paste different internal and external diameter of pad (i.e. printed circuit board is used for welding the circular hole of the electronic components); secondly, according to the size of the current in the circuit decided to use the same as the width of the tape (high current with wide tape, small current narrow tape can be), according to the printing plate diagram the adhesive tape on the copper clad plate (on behalf of the circuit components between connection); with a soft hammer, such as smooth rubber, plastic and other beat emoticons to and copper sufficient adhesion. Focus on the line turning point, lap. When the weather is cold, the best use of the surface heating heater to enhance the adhesion effect.

   Note: specifications of welding disk : D373 (outer diameter: 2.79 mm, diameter: 0.79 mm), D266 (outside diameter: 2, diameter: 0.80), D237 (outside diameter: 3.50, inside diameter: 1.50), and other kinds, it is best to buy paper based materials to do (black), plastic (red) material as far as possible. Adhesive tape commonly used specifications are 0.3, 0.9, 1.8, 2.3, 3.7, and several other units are mm.

   How to make pcb board?Etching and cleaning. The sticking tape into the copper with ferric chloride in liquid corrosion. After the end of the corrosion should be removed in time to wash clean. The pad with holes, with fine sandpaper polished copper foil, and then coated with rosin alcohol solution, dry is done.

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