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Some problems associated with the cheapest lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

1,What is the reason for the black smoke of the cheapest lawn mower?

OKorder Some problems associated with the cheapest lawn mower

   The cause of the above fault is that the mixed proportion of the intake combustion is too deep. If it appears this kind of circumstance,please try to clean up the air filter or update. If the fault is not excluded, it need to adjust or clean the lawn mower engine carburetor.

   2,Why does the muffler of the cheapest lawn mower appear blue smoke when the engine is turning?

   The fault is caused by the oil to participate in the combustion. In the discovery of the fault to check the oil ruler, to see if the oil is excessive. If it is excessive, the excess oil off after ten minutes of running. If the fault has not been ruled out, it is necessary to overhaul the engine. 

   3,What do we do when the cheapest lawn mower?  

   Clean the air filter. If you can't clean it, please change it.Check if the blade is sharp, and if it is blunt, it will need to be polished. In addition, whether the lawn leaf length is thick, if it is, should be cut size increase, reduce engine load.

   4, Why the cheapest lawn mower have severe abnormal sound when it start and stop?

   The cause of the above trouble is that the blade is not tightened. If the fault is found,we should tighten the bolts,take the knife, check for damage, and then re installed on the knife and blade, tightening bolts.

   5,Why there is a rebound when the cheapest lawn mower start?

   The cause of the failure is caused by the ignition time in advance. Usually because the blade play excellent material cut, resulting in flywheel key cut. At this time to deal with the failure of the machine repair.

   The use of lawn grass weeding, the effect is better when weeds grow to 10-13 cm.If weeds grow too high, it should be carried out in two steps. First cut the upper part, and then cut the lower part. When you use a lawn machine, you should put your hands on your hands and keep a certain angle to the side of the tree. Open the throttle speed, uniform forward, can save fuel consumption and improve work efficiency.

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