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How to sharpen a ceramic knife at home?

Dec 29, 2015

   How to sharpen a ceramic knife at home?Spindle accuracy is better. Beat the end face of the grinding wheel should be less than 0.02mm. The grinding wheel face is too large, the grinding wheel intermittent impact cutting edge, easy to make the cutting edge collapse, it is difficult to obtain high precision cutting edge.The grinding wheel should have good dynamic balance. The unbalance of the grinding wheel will lead to the vibration of the machine tool, which will affect the quality of the cutting edge and the machining precision.

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   How to sharpen a ceramic knife at home?Edge grinding wheel should be preferred to use ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel. Because the ceramic bond is easy to crack in the process of grinding, the abrasive grains are updated and self sharpening, so that the grinding process is smooth, which is beneficial to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the machining surface; the second is the resin bond diamond grinding wheel with high heat resistance.Because the diamond is easy to happen with the iron alloy chemical diffusion, accelerate the wear of the grinding wheel, so it should be avoided as much as possible with the grinding of metal and PCD.

   How to sharpen a ceramic knife at home?The direction of the grinding wheel must be turned from rake face to back face.In order to ensure the quality of the cutting edge and improve the efficiency of the grinding, the back angle of the cutter can be divided into big back angle and small back angle. With coarse grain size grinding wheel to grind large back angle, because the contact surface high grinding force, high grinding efficiency, and then with fine grinding wheel grinding small after the angle, the small back angle of the blade with a width of 0.1 ~ 0.3mm control, contact with small edge grinding quality.

   How to sharpen a ceramic knife at home?Please complete the cutting edge of the tool in one time.

   How to sharpen a ceramic knife at home?Water base grinding fluid should be optimized for PCD grinding coolant. Due to the high hardness and poor heat resistance of PCD material, the cooling effect of water base grinding fluid is better than that of oil based grinding fluid, which can improve the machining efficiency and cutting edge quality.

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