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how to sharpen a chef knife?

Dec 29, 2015

   If you want to grind chef's knife, you should pay attention to the following points; clear knife function, the second is choose a good stone, three is increased resistance to oil, fourth is to grasp the good point of view, received a good knife, pay attention to maintenance, generally on the right. And then simply stated as follows.

OKorder how to sharpen a chef knife?

   How to sharpen a chef knife?First of all, we should clear the function of knife, which is the prerequisite, not indiscriminate to blind. In the following, we will make further understanding.

   How to sharpen a chef knife?On the stone, and this is critical, the earlier we said that the knife hasdifferent texture,for the stone particles, hardness, different texture of the knife has a different requirement.Generally speaking, rubble for menial work, and deliberately with fine stone, texture is very hard to choose high hardness of stone,so we can have a good effect in grinding. ?Now most people use oilstone, it is very good,but you have to choose the right number.  

   How to sharpen a chef knife?Oil resistance.Before granding,put the knife into the washing rice water for a while,or scalded with boiling water toremove the knife on the oil,of course, the best way is to put it into the washing rice water.Please prepare some brine when you granding,with brine to grinding knife,it can increase the resistance, improve the grinding speed.

   How to sharpen a chef knife?Angle problem.Blade angle of various uses of knives are not the same,you look closely, you can see very clearly, such as the machete in the maximal angle for batch sheet cutter is the smallest angle, grinding time to choose the angle of ground under these circumstances.

   How to sharpen a chef knife?When the grinding is almost a good time,we're going to use a fine flour mill.Only in the mouth after the change of sharpening,the knife will become more sharp.After using the kitchen knife, please put it in the washing rice water or into rice, with out bright and clean as new.

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