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Some knowledge about lawn mower starter

Dec 29, 2015

lawn mower starter---brief introduction

   The lawn mower was called weeding machine, mower, lawn mower etc.. Lawn machine is a kind of machine tool used to trim the lawn, vegetation and so on. It is made up of the cutter head, the engine, the walking wheel, the walking mechanism, the blade, the arm and the control section. The cutter is mounted on the wheel. There is an engine on the engine. The engine output shaft is equipped with a blade. The blade utilizes the engine's high speed rotation to increase a lot of speed, it saves the time of the weeding of the workers, and reduces a lot of human resources.

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   lawn mower starter---structure

   It is composed of a cutter head, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, an arm and a control section. It consists of parallel four rod lifting device, a machine frame, left and right wing weeding device and adjusting of the whole device, comb rotation bevel gear gearing up mechanism and comb imitation type adjusting device. The efficiency of 8 to 10 times higher than the artificial weeding, seedling injury rate is low, the seedling rate is high.

   lawn mower starter---classification

   According to different classification criteria, the lawn machine can have the following division:

1, according to the March: intelligent semi automatic towing line, after the implementation of type, type, type of tractor suspension mounts.

2, according to the motive: people work drive, motor drive, electric drive, driven by solar energy.

3, according to the method: hob type, rotary, side hung, flail.

4, according to the requirements: flat type, half waist type, cut off type.

   lawn mower starter---Characteristic

   Its characteristics are: working platform, simple operation, on the need to cut the object, mainly grass cut and strong, suitable for high yield pasture and large park.

   lawn mower starter---application

   Mower is mainly used in garden topiary, grassland, green trim, city streets, green spots, pastoral pruning, field weeding, especially within the Park Meadows and grasslands, the football field other Caochangdi, private villa garden, and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry field vegetation surface finishing, can also be used in the autumn harvest.

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