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safety operation specification of the best lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

 Check the best lawn mower before starting:1,check whether there are holes and oil leaking.2,check whether there are playing rope in the box.3, to ensure that other people do not start in the area of the danger.4, when starting, need to pay attention to the operation of the rod so as not to lose control of vibration.5, before the start, need to confirm the head of the playing rope without contact with other items.6, before the start, check whether there is oil.7, check whether the air filter need to be replaced. 8, put the red switch on the back of the hand (forward push should be stopped working), will stop the wind. ?

OKorder safety operation specification of the best lawn mower

   Precautions in operation:1, if the best lawn mower is very abnormal in operation, the engine must be stopped immediately.2, you must use both hands to operate the best lawn mower,prohibit the use of one hand.3,when the engine rotates,it is prohibit to put the rope close to other places in addition to the turf.4, engine muffler needs towards the outside to avoid burns.5, in the operation of the best lawn mower, it is forbidden to use hand or tool to remove the weeds around the body.

   Caution after operation:1, if a few days don't use the mower, please clearance to avoid oil leakage and fire pot.2, make sure that the best lawn mower stops completely, and then clean and check it.3, remove the spark plug cable to avoid fire accidents. 4, the engine is completely cooled and then properly stored in the lawn.  

   Routine order:1 replace the air filter every 25 hours or 3 days. 2 replace the spark plug every 50 hours or 6 days and add the lubricating oil. 3 oil to use the correct model, gasoline also to use 90# above gasoline. 4 non professional personnel shall not adjust the carburetor. 5 to maintain the gasoline engine, especially the radiator of the cylinder.

   If you follow the rules, your safety will be greatly improved when you use the lawn grass.I hope this charter can cause the attention of friends.

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