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how to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone?

Dec 29, 2015

   How to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone?Each one according to his lights, a lot of experience and methods of the spread of the Internet,it is also very effective.Based on the theoretical analysis, this paper tries to explore the sharpening technology of common tool , and on this basis, this paper puts forward new methods and techniques of sharpening.This paper represents only personal opinion.

OKorder how to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone?

   How to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone?What kind of blade is sharp?

   There is no uniform industry standards to detect the sharpness of the tool. According to the specific performance of the cutting tool in the paper, shaving and hair cut and other aspects of the determination. And from the analysis of the structure characteristics of the blade, the sharpness of the cutting edge mainly depends on the following factors:angle of throat,radius of cutting edge,blade grain,rough selvedge,micro saw tooth.

   If the cutting edge radius is smaller, then the entry pressure is smaller, the knife is more sharp, which is the most critical factor to make the knife sharp.How to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone?How to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone?How to make the radius of cutting edge smallest?Five major factors that determine sharpness,the blade angle is determined in advance, micro sawtooth mainly and material, clean edges belonging to the late treatment. Therefore, the grinding need focus on solving as far as possible to reduce the edge radius and longitudinal edge lines of the two problems. Time to get as much as possible small edge radius, the key is to try to try to postpone the blade roll (because once the volume will produce the burr and keep grinding will only expand flash, it is difficult to make edge radius is further reduced),so we must do the following points:Local micro force cutting,Local micro cutting.

   How to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone?Due to the flatness of asphalt aggregate, particle size uniform, sharp differences, and the edge is not completely fit, edge grinding angle error. We want to realize the local micro stress and micro cutting, can not be separated from the buffer protection mechanism. Buffer is more effective, the sharpening effect is also better, the blade is more likely to become thin, and vice versa, can not make the edge thinning, and may even appear cutting edge, scratches and other serious defects.

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