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Safety operation rules for manual push lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

Before using the manual push lawn mower:

OKorder Safety operation rules for manual push lawn mower

   1, before the operation, please read the instructions carefully, understand the machine's performance and operation method.

   2, minors and the elderly, disabled or infirm, drunk or take stimulants, narcotics were forbidden to operate the manual push lawn mower.

   3, before the operation, please carefully check whether the safety protection device is intact, check the blade screws, if it is loose, it should be tightened.

   4, if the blade cutting components wear or damage, we should promptly replace, to maintain the balance,it is forbidden to us when the machine has no protective cover.After refueling and testing machine, confirm normal,it can start manual push lawn mower. 

   5, complete inspection of the work site and remove all the stones, sticks, metal, bone and other discarded material.

   6, when we give mower gas, we must stop engine running,must ban petrol overflow, refueling site has no smoking.

   7, after the injection of fuel, should be cleaned on the surface of the machine and fuel oil,and the machine will be pushed away from the point 5m outside, then it can start. 

   8, spare fuel should be placed in a special container,and keep away from open flames.

   In the process of using the manual push lawn mower:

   1,We must start the engine in accordance with the instructions, and at the same time, we should keep our feet away from the blade.

   2,Before starting the engine, disconnect all blades and clutch, anyone may not arbitrarily change the speed regulating device of the engine or the engine overspeeding.

   3,we can mow the lawn only in the daytime or adequate lighting.

   4,Should avoid to operate the manual push lawn mower in wet meadows and steep slope.

   5,We can only walk when the manual push lawn mower is working.On the slope direction and in the backward direction or pull towards his mower, should be especially careful. When the ground is not the grass, as well as the access to the site, if the lawn grass must tilt, should be stopped.


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