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PP board construction tool list

Dec 29, 2015

construction tool list 1:marble machine

     Purpose: cutting

     Method: 1 to make a simple platform for better control of cutting size and angle; 2 to adjust the cutting size, start the power to turn up and then add water to spray on the blade, so that it can be cut along the cutting path.

OKorder  PP board construction tool list

     construction tool list 2 :glass knife

     Purpose: cutting

     Methods: 1. With hand hold a glass cutter, let the uniformly powerful smoothly in PP plate surface rowed past; 2. With a glass cutter head placed at the bottom of the scratch of the corresponding to the center of the board, hands hold the scratches on both sides of the PP plate broke.

     construction tool list 3 :electric grinding machine

     Purpose: grinding

     Methods: 1. Will need to polish the PP plate fixed guide plate; 2. Start the power switch, the grinding wheel rotation is normal, the grinding wheel and the plate edge contact and the appropriate amount of grinding, evenly grinding; 3. If necessary, grinding hypotenuse, can be free to adjust the angle of the machine head.

     construction tool list 4 :special saw blade for PP plate

     Purpose: cutting

     Method: the installation in marble machine cutting PP board, before cutting or the operation after a period of time in the sand cement block in matte, the cutting more smoothly.

     construction tool list 5: caulking tool

     Use: filling

     Method: 1. The stir good sealing agent in PP plate surface scraping wiping open and smooth surface; 2. The diagonal line method, ensure the sealant in the gap and densely full.

     construction tool list 6 :electric mixer

     Purpose: mixing adhesive method: 1. The mixer into has been equipped with the water cement ratio of the adhesive mixing tank; 2. Hands clenched electric mixer and open power rotation of adhesive for back and forth stirring about mixing 3-5 minutes, the adhesive mixing into ice cream like.

     construction tool list 7: portable vibrator

     Purpose: flat

     Method: 1. The vibrator on the PP plates open power; 2. In PP plate uniformly on the surface of vibration parts, in the slurry more prominent parts can stay vibration until the surface is generally flat.

     construction tool list 8: rubber hammer

     construction tool list 9 :cleaning sponge

     Purpose: clean the PP board method: water immersion screw semi dry after washing PP board surface.

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