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how to sharpen ceramic knife

Dec 29, 2015

   Ceramic knife is a very healthy, health tool, using ceramic knife to cut vegetables and meat can keep food's original flavor, nutrients locked loss.In recent years, the use of a new type of kitchen utensils, but also has been slowly into the home of many people.But how to sharpen ceramic knife?Here we will come to understand it.

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   How to sharpen ceramic knife?All ceramic knives are polished by hand, each of which is in a uniform arc,it ensures the maximum strength of the ceramic knife, while ensuring the smooth cutting.The blade and the cutter face are evenly and uniformly, with a high degree of finish and easy to clean.All ?the introduction of ceramic knife , said that the ceramic knife can sharp forever, never need to be polished, in fact,each product will have wear,what's more, we use the tool every day!Manufacturing process of ceramic knife is very complex, first with zirconia powder in 2000 degrees high temperature burning section, and then 300 tons of weight with mold pressed into cutter blank, diamond grinding sharpening. After with a handle made semi-finished ceramic knife.   

   How to sharpen ceramic knife?The hardness of the ceramic knife is high, therefore, only with a diamond to polish,it takes a lot of time to polish the ceramic knife.If manual mill, it at least to spend more than 20 minutes of time, if there is no sharpening techniques,it may change the blade angle,so the best choice is diamond material.General electric sharpener for high-grade are constant pressure design, will change along with the cutting edge angle.

   How to sharpen ceramic knife?If you want to sharpen ceramic knife by yourself,you need to use the steel file. This file has the hardware store to buy, not too big, but a little thin. Is the main file blade. Most of the tooth saw blade, causing discomfort.Note: in fact, they are not able to wear a ceramic knife grinding, it is best to contact the manufacturers to help you deal with it.

   How to sharpen ceramic knife?By the above content, we should know it.

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