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how to sharpen kitchen knife?

Dec 29, 2015

   How to sharpen kitchen knife?There are many methods of grinding knife, but I would like to use the knife sharpener.

   How to sharpen kitchen knife?The installation and adjustment of the grinder has influence on grinding:

OKorder how to sharpen kitchen knife?

   1,In the installation of the grinding machine, be sure to pay attention to its stability, prevent it from vibration, the fasteners are connected fixedly, knife grinding wheel to rotate should be smooth, prevent swayed and jumped. Otherwise not sharp blades, and the emergence of serrated edges, etc.

   2,the knife disc and the horizontal plane should be vertical, otherwise it will not wear sharp blade.

   3,The position of grinding frame should be 6 mm away from the disk,it is located in the center of the disk radius,if the position of knife frame is not correct, it is easy to cause partial wear of blade. The boom length may be affected, it shortens the knife stroke, and the blade is not sharp.  

   How to sharpen kitchen knife?Abrasive composition has an effect on grinding:

   1. If the diamond sand in grinding agent is too much; blade mouth blowing very thick a layer of emery sand, the edge is easy to wear, the blade is not easy to Morui.


2, if the diamond sand in grinding agent is too small: the blade is not easy to sharpen, the time of grinding?is long, it is easy to anneal and deformation.

   How to sharpen kitchen knife?The method of grinding operation has an effect on grinding:

   1, if the pressure is not uniform, it will cause the phenomenon of partial wear of the blade, the blade of the sharp degree of each tooth is not consistent, in the swing of the blade,uneven pressure will cause the blade to be raised.  

   2,the pressure is too large, it is easy to cause the blade annealing, deformation. Shorten blade life. 

   3, the pressure is too small, the blade can not be smoothly attached to the grinding wheel, it is easy to produce partial abrasion and hit and middle bulge.

   How to sharpen kitchen knife?Different people have different ways, you have a good way, come and share with us.

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