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how to sharpen pocket knife?

Dec 29, 2015

   Those who usually like to cook at home pay attention to it,knife because of frequent use, sometimes cutting is not fast,it requires your own grinding knives at home.But how to sharpen pocket knife?How to operate?Do you know?

OKorder  how to sharpen pocket knife?

   Sharpening is a technical activities.The fine sandpaper used for sharpening is not easy to find,it's too dangerous to cross the two knives,sharpening has become a nuisance.The following I will teach you how to sharpen pocket knife.

   How to sharpen pocket knife?

   Pour the ceramic cup upside down,a hand grasp the handle, the other hand and took the knife,pour a little water over the knife.Grinding back and forth at the bottom of the cup.Pay attention to flank a certain angle with the bottom of the cup.Well, about ten times on it.This method is not only simple,but also the sharpened knife is very sharp.It is very convenient to cut hard things,such as meat, sinew meat, ribs and even.Not only the knife, scissors of home , axes, paper cutter, awl like analysis can also be in the bottom of the cup grinding, let them become more sharp.

   How to sharpen pocket knife?We must prepare a fine grindstone. If the edge line is bulky, but also to prepare a rough stone, used for grinding.Put the knife in the salt water soak for 20 minutes and then on the whetstone. The edge of the grinding edge of water, so that it can be worn faster, but also to extend the life of the knife.

   The incense ash soaked in water after,we are grinding knife,which will wear fast and smooth.

   How to sharpen pocket knife?Would you grind it?There are some things you need to pay attention to:Prepare a higher grade of fine sandpaper,the blunt knife grinding twenty or thirty, it can also be sharp. If it is too blunt,it can take a few.Blade angle according to your experience and vegetable. I only ?can provide a range of edge angles. In general, the knife blade to slice surface as far as possible some good ping.

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