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how to sharpen serrated knife?

Dec 29, 2015

   Friends often talk about that how to sharpen serrated knife?Such as grinding tools to keep their sharpness, the tool will do a series of maintenance after each use. Today I want to teach you a way that how to sharpen serrated knife?

OKorder how to sharpen serrated knife?

   This method comes from the flower field. The company promised to take the field, all of the fields are provided for free grinding services,but you need to send the cost of the knife.Although this service is very attractive, but this cost of sending to Japan is also a large sum of money. So, if we can keep the sharpness of the tool by some simple DIY, it is a good thing to save time and effort. 

   How to sharpen serrated knife?This method is very simple and easy to learn. According to the steps and methods I provide, in the operation process and then pay attention to the skills, can make the cutting tool sharpness to stay for two or three years.

   How to sharpen serrated knife?First, prepare a hard board. Choose a sturdy denim, and then use the pins will be distributed and fixed on the board.Must be firmly fixed on the board, if the cloth is loose, it will not be easy to operate.Secondly, the polishing liquid is poured into the hard.Use your fingers to polishing liquid evenly to a hard board,even the part of the edge, but also painted.Don't be too thick, just a thin layer of it.If the edge part not painted, but also need to add some, will be hard coated with polishing liquid.For the first time, be sure to let the polishing liquid into the cloth, in the future use, only need to add a little bit of polishing liquid.After the hard coating, placed in the side and let it dry.If you do not dry on the use, the polishing liquid will stick to the blade, which is not the effect of cutting.After using the cutting tool, the cutting edge is along the same direction, and the two to three times. In the process of grinding tool, must be careful, otherwise it will pay attention to the direction of the cutting edge, denim cut.Repeat the above action, even if this be accomplished.It can be very good to keep the sharpness of the cutting tool.

   How to sharpen serrated knife?This is no longer a problem for us.

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