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One of the best battery lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

brief introduction of the best battery lawn mower:

OKorder One of the best battery lawn mower

   This is several hand push type / self walking type 18 inch and hand push type 20 inch lawn mower, it has the following features: it can set grass in the back, 10 files to adjust the height of the mowing.This machine is easy to start, with low levels of noise and vibration performance, strong power and other advantages, performance, efficiency, cutting width 46cm-50cm, 10 stalls mowing height adjustment. After the aerodynamic design of stamping iron chassis, so the crushed grass ejects more smooth, the spray treatment of the surface make it better for anti rust.

   Product parameters of the best battery lawn mower:

   Maximum horsepower: 4.5HP

Displacement: 135CC

Bore X stroke: 64X42MM

Maximum power and corresponding rotational speed: 3.4kw/3600 (r/min)

Maximum torque and speed: /2600 (r/min)

The fuel consumption rate (less than 395g/).

Lubricating oil consumption rate: 5.0g ()

Rotation direction: counter clockwise

Fuel type: 90 above

Start mode: hand pull start

Driving way: hand push type / Auto type / hand push type

Rated speed: 2850RPM

Cutting width: 460MM (18) /500MM (20 inch)

Mowing height: 30-80MM (10)

Fuel tank capacity: 1.5L

Set bag size: 60L

Gross / net weight: 36/34KG 35/33KG 33/31KG

Chassis: steel plate

Package size: 760X570X440MM

Guarantee period: Engine guarantee for one year.

   Application of the best battery lawn mower:the best battery lawn mower is mainly used in garden topiary, grassland, green trim, city streets, green spots, pastoral pruning, field weeding, especially within the Park Meadows and grasslands, the football field other Caochangdi, private villa garden, and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry field vegetation surface finishing,it also can be used in the autumn harvest.

   Characteristics of the best battery lawn mower:

   1 chassis has excellent anti shock and shock resistance function;

2 advanced''U''shock absorber design, so that the operator is more easy to control, a little under the hands of the front wheel from the ground,it can make it to adjust easily and freely;3 disc made of special plastic material, as well as bearings made of special steel with excellent performance, it can prolong the service life of the machine, and save the cost of the maintenance;

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