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how to start lawn mower?

Dec 29, 2015

   Lawn machine is one of the essential garden tools in the process of garden greening,there is a certain risk in the operation of the operation,so how to start lawn mower?In order to avoid injury accident, the operator must operate the lawn machine correctly,only in this way ,we can ensure the safety of people and equipment.I'll explain how to start lawn mower?

OKorder how to start lawn mower?

   How to start lawn mower?Check the clutch work whether it is normal.Release the clutch  and push forward the lawn,there should be no sense of resistance, and when the drag should only feel a slight resistance. If you feel resistance, it may be driven clutch is not in place, you can also see whether the starting line too bent or deformed. Check the belt have wrapped, wrapped a lot of grass. According to the actual situation, the exclusion of these failures. Don't run the lawn machine before debugging.

   How to start lawn mower?Start. In spark plug, hold the starting rope, gently back pulling, gasoline engine into the compression stroke, feeling to start rope with a shares rebound reaction force, again slowly put back to the start line. Then, force, speed, backward fast start pulling rope, and then slowly start back start rope. General gasoline engine should be started after a quick pull, and normal operation. At this point, you can use the needed speed adjusting door. If it is electric start, take the lawn car start, first of all be blocked a pull to the neutral position, left foot on the clutch, right foot throttle control system, the key is inserted, the rotation to the start position. If it is the first time to use a lawn machine, in order to be safe, we should start the lawn on the wall or other hard material. If the clutch is not separated, the machine will have the power to the front.

   How to start lawn mower?The method is the above.Do you know how to do it? If you know, then hurry up.

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