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how to use a knife sharpener rod

Dec 29, 2015

   Knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen.Basically, we use knives every day.The knife will be blunt when it was used for a long time, so they need sharpening tools.The traditional sharpening tool is grindstone.But the grindstone weight is too big, it is not easy to use, generally do not use it at home.Although there are special sharpening at outside,but always go outside to sharpen is not convenient.So new sharpening tools -- sharpener appears, its volume is small, its weight is light, use it to sharpening is more convenient,we can use it at home.But how to use a knife sharpener rod?Let's share my experience.  

OKorder how to use a knife sharpener rod

   How to use a knife sharpener rod?Hold the sharpener.

   How should we hold sharpener, put it flat or stand up?Right way is: with one hand holding the handle of the sharpener,the grinding part toward the bottom, gently place on a flat on the desktop, this is the correct method of holding the sharpener.

   How to use a knife sharpener rod?sharpening.

   After one hand holding the handle of the sharpener,the other hand holding to grind tool, the blade side to live on sharpening rod, blade and sharpening rod to form a certain angle, about 20 degrees, then knife gently in an arc toward the direction of their own body tic, pay attention to light grinding, not too much force.

   How to use a knife sharpener rod?Grind the other side.

   Not only grinding one side of the knife , the other side must grind.

   How to use a knife sharpener rod?alternately sharpening.

   It is best, both sides alternately. By the second step and the third step, knife grinding for 50,blade at the two sides of the alternating grinding, sharpening can guarantee and grind both sides as much, won't let a grinding less, and, on the other hand, take a few.

   Using knife sharpener, from tip to handle,We must always ensure that the angle is 20 degrees,The tic speed does not affect the effect of grinding.The knife sharpener can only be used for the front, if the tool is not a long time grinding,knife is very blunt, or the need to use the grindstone. In the daily with a knife to sharpen, in order to better protect the tool.

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