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Notes on printed circuit board design

Dec 29, 2015

 How to design pcb, a good performance of the instrument, in addition to the selection of high quality components, reasonable circuit, printed circuit board assembly layout and electrical direction of the correct structure design is a key issue, how to design pcb, the same components and parameters of the circuit, due to different parts of the layout design and electrical direction of the different results, the results may be very different.

OKorder Notes on printed circuit board design

     How  to design pcb, What are the basic requirements for the design of printed circuit board.

     1 printed circuit board design, from the size of the board to determine the size of the beginning, the size of the printed circuit board due to the size of the chassis size limit, in order to be able to put into the enclosure is appropriate, and secondly, should consider the connection of printed circuit boards and external components. The printed circuit board and the external assembly are generally connected through a plastic wire or a metal isolation line. But sometimes it is designed as a socket.

     2 basic methods of wiring diagram design

     First, we need to have a complete understanding of the selected components and various socket specifications, size, area, etc., for the location of each component to make reasonable and careful consideration, mainly from the electromagnetic compatibility, anti interference angle, short line, cross less, power supply, the ground of the road and decoupling considerations. Each component position is set, that is, the various parts of the line, in accordance with the circuit diagram to connect the pin, the completion of a variety of ways, the design of the printed circuit diagram with computer aided design and manual design methods two.

How to design pcb, the most original is the manual layout. This relatively cumbersome, often repeated several times. Then finally completed, in the absence of other graphics equipment can be, the manual arrangement layout method is also helpful for the PCB designer just learning. Computer aided drawing, now has a variety of graphics software, different functions, but overall speaking, drawing, editing more convenient and can saved to disk storage and printing.

     Then, determine the size of the printed circuit board, and according to the schematic, the location of the various components initially determined, and then through the constant adjustment to make the layout more reasonable, so as to know how to design pcb.

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