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Maintenance of the best manual lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

Maintenance of the best manual lawn mower---Gasoline and oil are used separately.

OKorder Maintenance of the best manual lawn mower

   The lawn machine is powered by four stroke gasoline engines.Gasoline and oil are used separately.It uses gasoline is 90 #or more.Oil is four stroke oil, marked as 4T, do not use two stroke oil.

   Maintenance of the best manual lawn mower---Filling oil

   Oil is the key to good use of lawn mower, no filling oil is prohibited to start, before each use to check the level of the oil.Filling oil should be strictly according to the oil gauge.Must make the oil control in the range between on-line and offline slash, it is best to flush the on-line. If the oil is injected more, it will cause the exhaust pipe smoke exhaust, engine overheating, the air filter is easy to be wet by oil, the impact of machine horsepower, if it is serious,it will make the filter can not enter the air, causing the machine can not be issued.The oil is too small, below the line, will cause the machine cylinder, will cause serious damage of cylinder rod fracture. Oil is recommended to use brand name oil, such as Mobil 1130, or label for the 10W-40 model of the oil. 

   Maintenance of the best manual lawn mower---Replace oil regularly

   The new machine should be low idle running ?for 20 minutes before useing, after 5 hours of operation must be replaced with new oil. 

   Maintenance of the best manual lawn mower---air filter

   Air filter should be cleaned every 8 hours. Every 50 hours should be replaced with paper air filter. Paper air filter can not be washed with liquid detergent, can only gently beat. Sponge air filter can be washed with gasoline to dry after use.

   Maintenance of the best manual lawn mower---Blade sharpening and balance

   The blade in use after a period of time, if the edge is not fast, it should be sharpening. Pay attention to balance the blade on both sides, tighten the screws fixed blade.

   Before useing, we should ?clean up bricks, iron, such as stumps on the grass.

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