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How to use the non electric lawn mower?

Dec 29, 2015

   Before mowing with the non electric lawn mower,first of all,must remove debris in the mowing area, in order to avoid damage to the head and blade.Start the engine at a cooling condition, you should close the damper, start to timely open the throttle.If the turf area is too large, It is best not to exceed for 4 hours of continuous working time. 

OKorder How to use the non electric lawn mower?

   After the use of the non electric lawn mower,we should clean the non electric lawn mower,and check whether all the parts are damaged, etc., but also according to the use of the service life of the machine, to strengthen the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts.

   Change oil for the non electric lawn mower:The engine oil should be changed after the first operation of the new machine for 5 hours,after each use 30-50 hours to replace an oil.Replace the oil should be in heat engines just stopped,We can open the filling mouth, the machine left oil (air filter must be in the upper part). And remove the spark plug point line immediately after the oil clean, recovery, and the appropriate oil in the specified scale. Pay attention to the waste oil release should keep good, not taking over the waste oil recycling, environmental pollution.

   Before each use of the non electric lawn mower,before using the lawn mowing machine, we should check the surface ?of oil?to see if it is between the scale of the oil and the scale of the oil.The new machine should change the oil after using for 5 hours.After 10 hours the oil should be replaced once again.Periodic replacement of oil according to the requirements of the specification.Should change the oil in the condition that the engine is heat.Filling oil can not be too much, otherwise there will be a black smoke, lack of power (cylinder excessive carbon deposition, small spark gap).Filling oil can not be too small, otherwise there will be: engine noise of the gear, piston ring and cylinder to accelerate the wear and tear. Even the lava and other phenomena, causing serious damage for the engine.

   There are a lot of things to pay attention to using the non electric lawn mower,let's sum up.

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