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Introduction of the lawn mower wheel and its main functions

Dec 29, 2015

   The lawn mower wheel is a ring shaped and elastic rubber product, which is installed on the machine. It's the ground and it's rolling.The lawn mower wheel is usually installed on the metal rim, it can support the body, cushion the impact of the outside world,realizing the contact with the surface of the road and ensuring the running performance of the vehicle.The lawn mower wheel is often used in complex and harsh conditions,it is subjected to a variety of deformation, load, force and high temperature effect, so it must have a high bearing performance, traction performance, buffer performance.At the same time,it also requires high abrasion resistance and flex resistance, and low rolling resistance and heat build-up. 

OKorder Introduction of the lawn mower wheel and its main functions

   1, support all the weight of the machine, to bear the load of the car, and to pass other directions of force and torque;

   2, the lawn mower wheel is the transmission of traction and braking torque, to ensure good adhesion between the wheels and the road, in order to improve the dynamic performance of the lawn mowing, braking and the performance of the vehicle with the lawn to ease the impact of the ride, and attenuation of the resulting vibration;

   3,the lawn mower wheel can prevent the parts from being subjected to severe vibration and early damage, adapt to the high speed performance of the lawn mowing machine and reduce the noise of running, ensure the safety, handling, comfort and energy saving. 

   Solid tyre is a kind of tire which is corresponding to the pneumatic tire. The carcass is solid,it has no cord skeleton, not inflated, it does not need the tube or airtight layer.The earliest tyre is a solid tyre. Solid tires are currently used only for low speed high load vehicles or machinery, and also for fixed position machines.

   Solid tire has long service life, low deformation rate, reduce the maintenance cost of the vehicle and increase the comfort of the driver. Excellent safety performance, is conducive to improve work efficiency.Solid tires are generally divided into bonded and non bonded. The former refers to the direct vulcanization of rubber on the rim of the tire, the latter refers to the vulcanization after the fixed on the rim of the tire.

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