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Do you know" what is drivetrain"

Dec 28, 2015

What is drivetrain?The drivetrain system is generally composed of clutch, gearbox, universal transmission device, main reducer, differential and axle shaft etc.Its basic function is to transmit the power of the engine to the car's driving wheel, driving force, so that the car can travel at a certain speed.

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   What is drivetrain?For the front rear drive car, the engine issued by the torque of the clutch, transmission, universal joint, drive shaft, the main reducer, differential, half shaft transmission to the rear wheel, so the rear wheel is also known as the driving wheel.The driving wheel is given a torque to the ground a backward force, and therefore the ground to face a driving wheel to generate a forward reaction force, the reaction force is the driving force of the car. The front wheel and the transmission system is generally not directly linked to the power on, so it is called driven wheel.

   What is drivetrain?What are the arrangements?

   1,Rear-drive -FR.This is a traditional layout pattern.Most of the domestic and international freight cars, some cars and some of the buses are using this type of.

   2,Rear drive - RR.

   3,Front - FF.

   What is drivetrain?What is the power plant?

   1,clutch:This mechanism is arranged between the engine and manual transmission, will be responsible for the power of the engine is transmitted to the manual transmission.

   2,torque converter:The mechanism is arranged between the engine and the transmission gearbox, which can transmit the engine's dynamic ride to the self transmission gear box. The torque converter contains a set of clutches to increase the transmission efficiency.

   What is drivetrain?What is the engine configuration?

   In the transmission system includes three important components: transmission, differential, drive shaft.The main task of the transmission system is to transmit the power of the engine to the wheels.Because of the difference of the car's engine in the body, the combination of the engine and the drive system has formed a variety of changes.

Most of the combination approach is related to the use or performance requirements of the vehicle.There are common combinations:FF,FR and MR.

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