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what is a hybrid vehicle?

Dec 28, 2015

 What is a hybrid vehicle?In a broad sense,hybrid electric vehicle is a vehicle that is composed of two or more single drive systems that can run simultaneously.The driving power of a vehicle is provided by a single drive system on the basis of the actual vehicle driving state.

OKorder what is a hybrid vehicle?

   What is a hybrid vehicle?Hybrid cars that are usually said,generally refers to the hybrid electric vehicle, which uses the traditional internal combustion engine (diesel or gasoline engine) and electric motor as a power source,some of the engines are modified, and other alternative fuels are used,such as compressed natural gas, propane and ethanol fuel, etc..

   What is a hybrid vehicle?With the development of environmental protection in the world,because of its energy saving and low emission, hybrid vehicles have become a focus of research and development of automobile, and have already begun to be commercialized.The electric power system used in hybrid electric vehicle includes a highly efficient electric motor, generator and battery.

   What is a hybrid vehicle?Hybrid device not only played an engine continued to work long hours, has the advantages of good dynamic performance, but also can play a motor without pollution and low noise advantages, the two "fighting", each car can increase the thermal efficiency of more than 10%, emissions can be improved more than 30%. 2010, the world into the car hybrid era.

   What is a hybrid vehicle?How about the situation of China's industry?

   China's hybrid vehicles are mainly concentrated in East China, North China and central China, the hybrid vehicles accounted for more than 65.1% of the country, especially in the eastern region of China's hybrid vehicles accounted for 27.3% of the country, including Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian Province, the government has introduced a subsidy policy to promote the development of hybrid vehicles in eastern china.In Central China and Southern China region,the number of hybrids is 22.9% and 14.9%,because of the backward economic development in the western region, the hybrid electric vehicle industry in this development is slow, but with the country's emphasis on the western region, and constantly introduce relevant policies to accelerate the economic development of the western region, the future of hybrid vehicles in the western region will also have a very good development space. 

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