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inexpensive car batteries has many tricky

Dec 28, 2015

The battery is a vulnerable part of the car,itis the source of power of the motor vehicle,it is also the indispensable key components of the vehicle is started.Owners in the replacement of the battery, do not only want to buy inexpensive car batteries, and ignore the quality of the battery.

OKorder inexpensive car batteries has many tricky

   Below I will introduce to you the skills to identify the authenticity of the battery.

   Look at the packaging: with the genuine has obvious color difference.The outer packing box of formal battery workmanship is fine,and it with seal.After opening the box, there will be a clear printing, fine quality assurance card and product manual. If you buy in the Auto Parts City, most of the same brand of various types of battery to fall in with the packaging should be no color, if color words, please choose carefully.

   Look at the security verification: the number of the shell and the production date is clear.

   After opening the package,most genuine battery's body will be affixed with counterfeit label.If there is no security code,you should be sure to check the battery digit number and production date on the plastic housing, whether engraved clear. 

   Look at the price:inexpensive car batteries has many tricky.

   Battery models are numerous, the price is relatively large.In the most commonly used car 60 Ma battery,general genuine price is about 450 yuan.If it is a copy of the product or refurbished battery, probably more than 300 will be able to buy, the battery is not guaranteed, most of them are to prepare for the taxi.So do not try to buy inexpensive car batteries.

   See weight:Comparison of old and new battery weight

   The weight of a battery is very large. Yes, that's right, because the cost of the battery should be on the base of the lead alloy, the inexpensive car batteries will be made on the substrate to reduce the cost. 

   Prompt:Do not covet cheap, buy inexpensive car batteries,if the car broke down on the way that will bring a lot of trouble.

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