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how to choose a car battery

Dec 28, 2015

  How to choose a car battery?This is a question that most people are at a loss.Today I share my experience with you---how to choose a car battery?

OKorder how to choose a car battery

     How to choose a car battery?First step, look at the appearance.Electric vehicle battery is a chemical power supply, involving data index is many, I think the purchase at the appearance of the cell has a very good reference to judge the quality, can avoid shoddy, non standard battery etc..1, look at the battery label. The cell label is attached to the battery cover and the battery shell seal, to see if there are open, damaged or altered, such as the emergence of the phenomenon not to buy. Some of the battery label and security verification, must check the authenticity.2, look at the battery shell. The new electric vehicle battery shell will not have scratches, deformation and crack, leakage and other phenomena, look at the case of the housing production address, production license number, specifications, production date. Such as found the electric car battery has the above phenomenon and not complete logo, I suggest not to buy.3, look at the battery capacity. Battery nominal capacity is related to the vehicle's mileage and battery price. Nominal capacity is smaller, the battery price is lower, the electric car battery life is shorter. I suggest that we must choose and match the electric car battery, do not arbitrarily change the standard index of electric vehicle.

     How to choose a car battery?The second step.

     Electric vehicle battery is divided into national standard battery and non - standard battery, the weight and the price of the non - standard battery are different from the national standard battery. Said the weight of the electric car battery, I suggest: if it's weight is lower than the national standard battery weight don't buy. Some businesses will not be labeled as the national standard battery to sell to the general consumer, non standard battery active material less, the same power discharge, battery life is short

     How to choose a car battery?The third step,clear after-sales.

     1, we want to ask how long the battery life?

     2, asked the merchant: How many kilometers is the flight mileage?

     3, ask the merchant: whether to issue a sales invoice? 

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