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how to buy a car battery

Dec 28, 2015

 How to buy a car battery?There is a simple but practical guide: choose a reputable manufacturer or brand; check whether the specifications are in conformity with the relevant standards; check whether the battery is suitable for use in tropical or temperate regions; and whether the manufacturer has a service guarantee. Simple four point, very useful. If you do not understand, please listen to the author to introduce in detail.

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     How to buy a car battery?

     Motor vehicles are very important for the control of motor vehicles. They start the engine and provide additional power to the engine, headlights and accessories. In addition, it provides power to the electronic system when the car is not running. In the purchase of new batteries, there are a lot of things to consider, such as cold start current, reserve capacity and population size, etc..

     How to buy a car battery?Look at its reserve capacity.

     Reserve capacity refers to the time when the AC generator is not working, the battery can run the car. From the technical side, the full charge of the battery can be run in the 25 AMP (am). If it is less than 10.5am (the lowest requirement for running a car), a new battery is needed. We should buy a car battery with a long time storage capacity, as it is needed in the case of an emergency or an anchor.

     How to buy a car battery?Look at its group scale.

     It relates to the position of the external dimensions and the power of the battery terminal. Motor vehicles usually have different group sizes, which are always based on the size of the car manufacturer's recommendation. Common models include:

75- common motor vehicles (such as general);

65- Ford, Lincoln / mercury and other models;

34- all Chrysler models;

32 - for new Honda, NISSAN and TOYOTA models.If you do not know the specific size, you can refer to the user manual, or in the replacement of oil when consulting the mechanic.

     How to buy a car battery?Don't buy the product for more than 6 months. Usually in the tire shop can buy fresh batteries.

Some supermarkets also sell car batteries, but can not provide installation services.

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