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how do you change a car battery

Dec 28, 2015

 Today we teach you that how do you change a car battery?

OKorder  how do you change a car battery

     How do you change a car battery?The first is certainly ready. Here to explain,I let everyone ready a screwdriver, because some of the car for a long time without maintenance, so the fixed contact battery bricks are difficult to get down,even if the twist screws is useless

.At this time, we can use the screwdriver to pry it from the bottom up, elegant side because the car is relatively new, battery bricks would be relatively corrosion too badly, so I don't need to open the elevator. 8 of the wrench is enough.

     In order to make most people can understand, this is the public demonstration of the 7 Wuling van.

     How do you change a car battery?First open the battery.At this time,we will see that there is a fixed bar buckle on the battery.Please use 8 wrenches turned it on.Later on, take it off. Next is the most critical part of this will also be involved in the security issues, so I'll take the step by step in detail to tell you. (remember to be good at every step in the action, otherwise it is easy to take a spark, burn the phenomenon of the battery.

     How do you change a car battery?We'll see the pole and pole icon next to the brick,we want to remove the positive, because the positive electrode contact with the metal will be reflected, the most common is to take a spark, it will burn the place, so remember to be careful, in the process of removing the positive, do not let the wrench to touch other metal.Next, repeat the previous step, remove the negative electrode, the negative contact with the metal is no reflection, we rest assured that the demolition is good, but also try not to contact the metal.

     How do you change a car battery?Next, put the new battery up.According to the method removed, the fixed buckle down to the taping in the groove, and then twist on the line.Repeat the above steps to twist back.When you put it back,also note that install the negative electrode and then install the positive electrode.Screwed the positive electrode up. Well, here, our car battery has installed,it can spark everywhere.


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