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How to buy discount car battery

Dec 28, 2015

 First to understand the role of the discount car battery:

OKorder How to buy discount car battery

     One, must be to start the engine and the power supply, so that the engine can start;Second,after the engine starting,supply power to audio and air conditioning and other electrical equipment

.There is also a less easy to know but a very important role, as a capacitor, the absorption circuit in the instantaneous high pressure, to protect many electronic components on the car.

     As an essential part of the car, it is divided into the traditional lead-acid battery and maintenance free battery, which is currently the mainstream market.If the main difference is simply, the former can be added to the electrolyte to maintain, and the latter due to structural advantages, do not need to add maintenance.In fact, when buying a discount car battery,the light looks and can't see anything.Mainly can use the special computer to see if it is qualified, especially whether the battery's power is enough.But in fact, the business will not use a dedicated computer to see you.The discount car battery inside a total of 6 squares, each square is 2 volts, a total of 12 volts.Therefore, allows businesses to test by the test instrument,if it is 12 volts, then there is no problem, "a few volts are not bad, because as long as a standard, the discount car battery can not be used.    

     Of course, when you buy a discount car battery also pay attention to the size of the battery.Also to see the capacity of the battery and the starting current of the two values, we have to choose the two numerical value is greater than the value of the original discount car battery.In addition, there is a very important thing,do not buy too long battery.It is the same as the ordinary battery, because the air has moisture, so the battery will slowly discharge. Therefore, the purchase of the discount car battery is best "fresh", it is best not more than 6 months of time.

     There are many kinds of batteries in the market, but to buy what kind or to see their needs.

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