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How to check the cheap battery for car

Dec 28, 2015

When using electric equipment, try not to let the cheap battery for car overload work.

OKorder How to check the cheap battery for car

     Now,electric equipment on the car is more and more, so the owner in the use of these electric equipment, as far as possible not to let the battery overload work, so that the cheap battery for car can be used for a long time.

     After parking, the car uses the power of the equipment: headlights, tail lights, reading lights and radio or CD. 4S shop maintenance staff said, according to experience,in the case of good cheap battery for car, open the lamp, reading lamp, radio, capacity of 35Ah battery working hours in 3 hours, while the capacity of 45Ah battery working time can be a little longer, between 3 to 4 hours.The higher the volume of the radio or CD, the greater the power.So,also take into account the use of battery power.

     In addition, the life of the cheap battery for car is generally 3 to 2 years, so,the new and the old battery also affect the duration.If the user install some original electrical appliances,such as the bass, etc., will cause the excessive use of batteries. Remind the owner, if the battery is old, working time is best not more than 2 hours. 

     The cheap battery for car in the use of time is longer, it is to be checked and updated,But how to check the cheap battery for car?Below for you to explain in detail.

     Method / procedure---check the cheap battery for car

     1、Check the liquid level of the electrolyte.Down to the plate,proposed to view the height of liquid surface.The normal liquid surface height should be higher than the plate position 10-15mm, insufficient to add distilled water or added liquid.

     2、The cheap battery for car is checked every week in the summer, and every half a month is checked.

     3、Wire contact is severely corroded by dilute sulfuric acid, green and green characteristics, with more than 90 degrees of boiling water,it will be clean soon.

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