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These bad habits will damage the cars battery

Dec 28, 2015

Although the general life of cars battery can reach 2--3 years.But there are some owners due to some of the usual bad habits,it will lead to battery damage in advance anf had to be replaced, so we must develop a good habit of car. Here are some of the more common use of bad habits:

OKorder These bad habits will damage the cars battery

     1, get off to turn off the lights or car electrical equipment

     In the past,after the parking stall is the most common to forget the headlights,consequently, many owners found that the cars battery power has been light in the second day,the car wouldn't start. However, with the optimization of automotive products,if you do not turn off the headlights will sound tips, or some of the vehicle in the second half of the flame will be automatically extinguished, so that it reduces the damage to the cars battery caused by the lamp.But in addition to the headlights,other lights such as the car reading lights or other electrical equipment in the car, if you forget to turn off after the turn, after a night may also cause the cars battery

depth loss of electricity can not start the car.

     Encountered such a situation, if there is a condition of the case, you can try to charge the cars battery until you can start the car. Otherwise there may be a need to replace the battery. Rather than spend a lot of money to replace the battery, but also as usual to develop a good habit.

     2, before the vehicle flameout not pass air conditioning


     Many people including the author, the vehicle has not used to turn off the air conditioning; in the next start, the air conditioning will start with the car at the same time. But the Valta expert said the bad habits will also cause damage to the battery.

     If the air conditioning is not closed before the extinction, the next time to start the vehicle, the engine will automatically start with the engine, which will lead to a high transient power of the vehicle, the battery load is too large, long repeatedly on the battery is a loss.


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