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Stay in mind about "car battery replace"

Dec 28, 2015

     Family weekend driving is a happy thing, but in the event of a problem, this is a matter of trouble.

     Things happen in the last weekend in June, the public Mr. Luo plans to drive a few to the Ruyuan scenic spot.In Ruyuan County, we stopped to buy some water and food, turn off the car, who knows, and then start the car, the car has been unable to launch ". 

OKorder Stay in mind about

     Mr. Luo asked a friend to call a local repair factory. Repair personnel to the scene to check the car, and found that the battery has no electricity. When it is known that the battery has been used for nearly 3 years,repair personnel said that it need car battery replace.The car was purchased in 2008, has been in Shaoguan City, the maintenance of fixed point, in the field of replacement parts is the first time.

     Some bargaining, and finally car battery replace,Mr. Luo launched the car to continue and family to spend the weekend.

     He did not expect that, just two weeks later, Mr. Luo's wife is ready to drive to work,the car can not be started in any case,in desperation they had contact with the usual depot maintenance repair shop.

     The maintenance staff came to check the car, it is determined that the battery is no electricity.He told Mr.:"Your battery in Ruyuan should be 'refurbished', that is, the use of open letters, but it has not been completely scrapped.You should contact the repair factory at that time, and he negotiated to new car battery replace.But remember, let him use the battery tester test battery has electricity, and determine the car battery replace is new.

     The next day, Mr. Luo specifically to drive to Ruyuan. Things were going well, and the boss promised to give him a new car battery replace.

  In this regard, the professional pointed out: the battery is mainly used to start the vehicle and provide auxiliary power, general family car as well as the new car battery can be used for 3 to 4 years, but after a replacement,the time of car battery replace is about 2 years.  


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