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What are the main battery parts

Dec 28, 2015

     There are a lot of battery parts,but what are the main battery parts

OKorder What are the main battery parts

     Battery parts---The plate is the core component of the battery, which is known as the "heart" of the battery ". At present, most of the electric power assisted vehicle battery is coated with the positive and negative plate.

     Battery parts---Diaphragm

     The diaphragm is known as the third electrode of the battery". It is used to isolate positive, negative, to prevent the short circuit. As the carrier of the electrolyte, it can absorb a large amount of electrolyte, which plays a good role in the diffusion of ions (ionic conductivity). To seal the battery, the separator also acts as a positive electrode plate to produce oxygen to reach the "channel" of the negative plate, so that it can establish the oxygen cycle and reduce the water loss. The key to realize the maintenance free of the separator by using ultra - fine glass fiber.

     Battery parts---Electrolyte

     The electrolyte is composed of pure water and sulfuric acid, mixed with some additives. The main function: one is to participate in the electrochemical reaction,is one of the active material of the battery; two is the conductive effect, when the battery is used, through the electrolyte ion migration, play a role in the electricity, so that the electrochemical reaction can be carried out smoothly.

     Battery parts---Safety valve

     Safety valve is one of the key components of the battery, it is located at the top of the battery, it has three functions:1,Safe use. In the use of the battery, the internal gas pressure to achieve the safety valve pressure, the valve will be released to prevent the occurrence of battery deformation, ruptu, etc..2,Sealing effect.When the valve pressure accumulator pressure below the safety valve, safety valve closed, to prevent internal gas mist leak out, but also to prevent air entering the cell causing adverse effects.3,Explosion proof.Some of the safety valve is arranged, explosion acid tablets.Many types of safety valve structure, there are several cap type and umbrella, sheet etc..

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