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Definition and composition of true beer coolers

Dec 28, 2015

As we all know, solar energy is widely used in many fields in our real life. They have many advantages, for example, solar energy is clean and environmental friendly. True beer coolers are sued to invert solar energy into electricity, so we can better use solar energy. In this essay, it will briefly tell us the definition and composition of true beer coolers.

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True beer coolers now play an important role in our society. True beer coolers can generate electricity through the sunshine on the solar cells. And they can charge storage batteries, besides, true beer coolers can charge direct current energy-saving lights and radios. True beer coolers have many protection functions, such as temperature compensation, over discharge, and reverse connection of storage batteries. True beer coolers can output 12V direct current and 220V alternative current. 

True beer coolers use separate design, so they are portable and small, besides, they are very safe. True beer coolers are composed of three main parts, namely solar cell assemblies, controllers, inverters, inspection scales and computer monitoring devices of charging and discharging, and storage batteries or other storage and auxiliary devices. Solar cells are used as key parts of true beer coolers, they have long service life, usually the service life of crystal silicon solar cells can be more than 25 years. 

Besides, photovoltaic systems are widely used, the two main kinds of photovoltaic systems are stand-alone generating systems and grid-connecting generating systems. True beer coolers can be used in aerospace devices, communication systems, microwave stations and other fields. True beer coolers can used installed in many places, regardless of the geological factors. Besides, true beer coolers are easy to remove and construct. True beer coolers have low problem rate and long service life. 

In conclusion, above tells us the definition and composition of true beer coolers. In this condition, we can make better use of these true beer coolers, besides, if we want to use true beer coolers in other fields for other purposes, we can have a brief understanding of them, which is quite helpful for us. 

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