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what is cmos technology?

Dec 28, 2015

   What is cmos technology?If the development of the integrated circuit is a wonderful work in the history of mankind,so CMOS technology is nourishment.In the 50 years that the integrated circuit has passed, the CMOS technology has laid the foundation for the low power consumption integrated circuit, and has become the key production technology of the mainstream integrated circuits. It can be said that if there is no CMOS process, there is no today's IC manufacturing, we also enjoy the convenience and fun to bring PC. In a sense, the development history of integrated circuits is the history of the CMOS process.

OKorder what is cmos technology?

   What is cmos technology?Speaking of the invention of CMOS technology, but also from the basic silicon planar technology.Silicon planar technology can not only produce a number of BJT and circuit components, interconnects, etc., but also can produce the p-n junction isolation between devices, so the first thing is the invention of IC BJT. However, in this IC, the "wall" is occupied by the large area, coupled with the BJT is a current control device, power consumption is relatively large, so it limits the increase in the size of the integration. If there is a device that can achieve self isolation, if it is voltage control, it will be an ideal device for IC.

   What is cmos technology?CMOS (MOS Complementary MOS) is a kind of n-MOS and p-MOS, which is connected to a complementary structure, and the two polarity of the MOSFET is closed, and almost no static current. It is suitable to be used as a logic circuit, so the IC CMOS is used to realize the digital circuit of Boolean functions.

   What is cmos technology?The invention and development of CMOS technology mainly include SiO2 (Vapour Deposition Chemical), Si3N4 (Ion Etching CVD), RIE (Reactive poly-Si) is used to replace the wet etching, which uses Stepper (step by step lithography exposure machine) instead of the refined version of the exposure machine.

   What is cmos technology?

CMOS's technological progress is amazing,but every technological invention or improvement, even if it is a very small improvement, it is not easy, it can be said that the process of no small". Copper interconnect process as an example. As the electrical interconnection material, copper is better than that of aluminum, which is known to all common sense, but the real use of IC interconnection, has spent more than ten years of time.

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