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what is cmos sensor?

Dec 28, 2015

 What is cmos sensor?CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor),is an important chip in the computer system,it holds the most basic information of the system.The manufacturing technology of CMOS and general computer chips have no difference.

OKorder what is cmos sensor?

Mainly the use of silicon and germanium, the two elements made of semiconductor, so that it is on the CMOS coexistence with N (with electric) and P (+ +) level of semiconductor.

   What is cmos sensor?CMOS image sensor is a kind of typical solid imaging sensor, which has a common historical origin with CCD.The CMOS image sensor is usually composed of a number of parts, such as sensor array, row driver, column driver, time sequence control logic, AD converter, data bus output interface, control interface and so on. Its working process can be divided into a few parts, which are reset, photoelectric conversion, integration and readout. 

   What is cmos sensor?What are the advantages of it?

   CMOS sensor has the following advantages: 

   1,reading ability of random window.Random window read operation is a CMOS image sensor in the function is better than one of the CCD, also known as the region of interest selection. In addition, the high integration characteristic of CMOS image sensor makes it easy to realize the function of multiple tracking windows at the same time. 

   2, radiation resistance. 

   3, complexity and reliability of the system. 

   4,Optimized exposure control

   What is cmos sensor?What is its development prospects?

   In the next few years, in the product of the 1 million 300 thousand pixels to 2 million pixels, will start with the CMOS sensor as the mainstream.

   What is cmos sensor?What is its development trend?

   At present, CMOS is a technology of high speed imaging.In the current market, we can find that high speed image sensor has three major trends, one is to develop in the direction of high speed, two: to develop the integrated direction of the chip. Three: to develop the general high speed image sensor.

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