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what is ccd camera?

Dec 28, 2015

What is ccd camera?CCD is the abbreviation of Coupled Device Charge (charge coupled device), which is a kind of semiconductor imaging device, which has the advantages such as high sensitivity, strong anti glare, small distortion, small size, long life, anti vibration and so on.

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   What is ccd camera?How is it working?

   The object's image is focused on the CCD chip,CCD according to the intensity of light to accumulate the corresponding proportion of the charge,the charge accumulated in each pixel is controlled by the video sequence, and the charge is shifted out of the point.Video signal is connected to a video input terminal of a monitor or TV, so that the same video image as the original image can be seen.It is a kind of semiconductor imaging device, in order to simplify the power supply of the CCD camera, generally from the external input only one power (12V), and other power supply of various voltage values are obtained by the power source.

   What is ccd camera?What is the resolution of the selection criteria?

   The evaluation of the camera resolution is the horizontal resolution, and the unit is a line, that is, the number of black and white lines can be resolved. The resolution of the commonly used black and white camera is 380-600, and the color is 380-480. The value of it is clear. General monitoring occasions, with a black and white camera around 400 can meet the requirements. For special occasions, such as medical treatment, image processing, with the 600 line of the camera can get a clearer picture.

   What is ccd camera?What is the electronic shutter?

   Electronic shutter time is between 1/50-1/100000 seconds.The electronic shutter of the camera is generally set to the automatic electronic shutter mode, which can automatically adjust the shutter time according to the environment. Some cameras allow users to manually adjust the shutter time to adapt to some special occasions.

   What is ccd camera?What is the performance index?

   Now, the camera has many functions, such as automatic white balance adjustment, automatic gain control, electronic shutter, backlight compensation, various synchronization mode, Y/C separation output etc.. But the most important index of the video camera is the level of clarity, minimum illumination (Ling Mindu) and signal to noise ratio.

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