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What are the characteristics of digital sensors?

Dec 28, 2015

   Digital sensor refers to the traditional analog sensor after the installation or transformation of the A/D conversion module,to make its output signal into digital quantity (or digital encoding) of the sensor,which mainly includes: amplifier, A/D converter, microprocessor, memory, communication interface, temperature test circuit, etc..

OKorder What are the characteristics of digital sensors?

   The characteristics of digital sensor:

   1, advanced A/D conversion technology and intelligent filtering algorithm, in the full range of cases can still guarantee the stability of the output code.


2, feasible data storage technology, guarantee module parameters will not be lost.


3, good electromagnetic compatibility performance.

   4,The performance of the digital sensor uses digital error compensation technology and highly integrated electronic components, with the software to achieve linear, zero, temperature drift, creep and other performance parameters of the comprehensive compensation, eliminating the impact of human factors on the compensation, greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of the digital sensor. 

   5, the output error of the digital sensor can reach 0.02% or even higher, and the characteristic parameters of the sensor can be exactly the same, so it has good exchange ability.  

   6.It uses A/D converter circuit, digital signal transmission and digital filter technology,the anti-interference ability of the sensor is increased, the signal transmission distance is far away, thus improving the stability of the sensor.

   7, digital sensor can automatically collect data and can be pre processed, storage and memory, with a unique marker for fault diagnosis.

   8, the sensor uses standard digital communication interface, can be directly connected to the computer, but also with the standard industrial control bus connection, convenient and flexible.

   9,The digital sensor is integrated with AD, EPROM, DIE (sensor chip), which is encapsulated in a piece of PCB, a metal block or a ceramic plate.By a variety of temperature, pressure calibration points, calculated DIE linear, re-use AD to compensation method of processing.

   Now, the system design contains more and more sensors and processors.With the constant decrease in the price of sensors and processors,the threshold value of the mechanical control structure is also changing.In the system, the selection of correct sensor combination and processing algorithm can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials and energy consumption, and improve 

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