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what is logistics all about

Dec 25, 2015

一,What is logistics all about? I don't want to use the national standard to define what logistics is. I have done as a graduate student, and has been working for the people, logistics is the use of a means to change the object (also may be virtual things) the time or space, so that to increase the value of the goods, which is logistics.

OKorder what is logistics all about

     二,What is logistics all about?Logistics in the domestic level is not high, whether it is foreign or foreign enterprises, large and small enterprises, logistics management level is not too high, logistics is the product of the market to compete, so that the economic development of the region will pay more attention to logistics.

     三,What is logistics all about?China is not lack of money, not lack of technology, but lack awareness of the logistics.GDP rising, said the shortage of funds is impossible. China is not backward in technology, but lack the concept of the overall situation of logistics. The most important thing in logistics is the back of the benefit. How to solve the balance of internal logistics is divided into blocks of the status quo, it is worth considering the problem.

     四,What is logistics all about?Key to the success of logistics relies on IT.Information technology plays a very important role in logistics. Collect and collate information, to facilitate the enterprise to their own and the entire supply chain are able to understand, analyze and deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

Every boss wants to have an effective management of their own businesses. Why there are so many enterprises in the competition to the collapse, bankruptcy? Sometimes, not their own efforts, but the asymmetry of the information, so that the decision makers to get the wrong or imperfect information to make a wrong decision, will lead to the development of enterprises in the wrong. Do not want to be a good marshal is not a good soldier, the same, do not want to let the enterprise grow boss is not a good boss, no one does not want their own business success. Information is absolutely the most important. 

     五,What is logistics all about?Finally to the end of this post I use a case.

About the common market red Fuji and delicious delicious, everyone is clear is very expensive, you where? Why expensive? Earned value of red delicious is the third profit (use of technology makes the supply uninterrupted, quality assurance).And ordinary apple is the first to earn a profit (can only rely on the extensive expansion of the growing income, quality is not easy to guarantee). This is logistics management in a small example, I hope this example to see friends, don't put the logistics management and the driver pulled together is fundamentally two different concepts, logistics is not the driver, more not a porter. 

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