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What are the elements of the logistics transportation system definition?

Dec 25, 2015

 logistics transportation system definition:Logistics transportation system is in a certain time and space,the organic whole, which is composed of many dynamic factors, such as basic facilities, transportation tools and transport participants, etc., is composed of the transportation process.

OKorder What are the elements of the logistics transportation system definition?

     What are the elements of the logistics transportation system definition?

     The elements of the transport system are the basic facilities, transport and transport participants.

     1) infrastructure is also divided into transport routes and transport nodes.

     logistics transportation system definition---Transport line

     Transport routes are the channels for the transport of the vehicles,it is also one of the basic facilities for transportation,it is the most important element in the transportation system. In modern transportation system, the main transportation line has the highway, the railroad, the route and the pipeline.

     logistics transportation system definition---Transport node

     To connect to different modes of transport as the main function,it is in the transport line on the distribution of goods, transportation business, transportation and maintenance of the vehicle and the maintenance of the base and place.

     2) means of transport

     Transportation means all kinds of equipment and apparatus used for loading goods on the transport line and to make it happen. They are the basic equipment for transportation and the main means of transport. 

     3)transport participants

     The subject of transportation is the participant, the object (object) is the goods. The cargo owner is the owner or owner of the goods. Transport must be carried out by the participants in the main and transport of the material.

     logistics transportation system definition---The owner

     The owner of the goods, including the shipper (or the principal) and the consignee, and sometimes the shipper and the consignee is the same subject, sometimes is not the same subject.

     logistics transportation system definition---Carrier

     He is the bearer of transport activities, they may be railway freight companies, shipping companies, civil aviation freight companies, transportation companies, logistics companies or individual transport operators, etc..

The carrier is the principal of the consignee or the consignee, and according to the wishes of the client, the client is entrusted with the minimum cost to complete the transportation task, and at the same time, the transportation income is obtained.The carrier according to the requirements of the principal or without affecting the client requirements, rational organization of transportation and distribution, including the choice of mode of transport, transport routes, to determin

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