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How to choose rider motorcycle insurance?

Dec 25, 2015

     A lot of friends are consulting the problem of rider motorcycle insurance.Some do 

not know how to cover,some people were refused by insurance company,some people are 

tying compulsory accident insurance.some do not know the premium standards for rider 

motorcycle insurance.Because of the work,I usually contact this area is more, today I 

summarize rider motorcycle insurance issues to share with you.

OKorder How to choose rider motorcycle insurance?

     How to choose an insurance company?

     My personal recommendation is to select a few relatively large insurance 

companies.For example, PICC, Pacific Insurance, Chinese life insurance, Ping An 

insurance, China United Property Insurance etc..Because large companies outlets, survey 

members and more service is relatively better,after an accident, they can arrive at the 

scene in time.Because of the insurance rate of motorcycle is lower than the car's,but 

the insurance company has to bear the limit of compensation which is the same as the 

car.So, some insurance companies are always looking for a variety of reasons (for 

example, no insurance policies, a single member is not in, tied to the sale of accident 

insurance) to refuse to cover or disguised refused to protect motorcycle traffic. If 

the information is complete,insurance companies must be unconditionally insured.If the 

insurance company disguised refused to protect,we suggest that we have a good record of 

it.Then dial 12378 complaints to the local insurance regulatory, Insurance Regulatory 

Commission will investigate and deal with it according to law.

     After the pay rider motorcycle insurance, what should we do after the accident?

     According to the relevant requirements of road traffic safety law,after a traffic 

accident, you must stop immediately, report the public security organs, protect the 

scene, rescue the wounded.If you are not notified in time because of deliberate or 

gross negligence,causing the accident loss can not be determined.The insurance company 

shall not pay compensation for the part that is not certain.Therefore, in case of a 

traffic accident, we should stop immediately, dial 122, 120 and insurance company to 

report the phone. And under the guidance of the insurance company to deal with the 

accident, if the consultation, the insurance company is not compensation.

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