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Is not necessary to buy online insurance for bike

Dec 25, 2015

About 2010 years, when a bicycle sports enthusiasts in the bike ride accident, spine injuried,he spend nearly 15 yuan on treatment, then he regretted that he didn't buy online insurance for bike.

OKorder Is not necessary to buy online insurance for bike?

     In the forward bike Sporting Club Hotel, riding friends, rabbit told reporters, the rider did not pay attention to the injury caused by the bike, but feel the accident will not happen on their own, or they think that their technology is good, or that to buy online insurance for bike is an unlucky thing, etc..

     His club organizes the bicycle sports fans to go out to play every week. Actually bikes movement unexpected things very much, fell a tumble fracture is not uncommon. However, bike enthusiasts are not high risk awareness. The person who participates in the online insurance for bike is little and little.

     According to "rabbit" understanding, Nanchang city currently has a bike sports fans of about 20 thousands people, but the personal who buy online insurance for bike is less than 1000.

     A lot of clubs because it is the organizer, if the organization of the event when the bicycle sports enthusiasts, once the accident, the organizers must take responsibility.For bicycle sports enthusiasts do not attach importance to buy online insurance for bike,"rabbit" said in his club, the general will require students to buy personal accident insurance.

     "However, this provision will not be 100%, after all, to sell insurance is a commercial behavior. In the implementation of the insurance system, if it is too compulsory, bicycle sports fans will think you have earned what benefits." "Rabbit" for the purchase of personal accident insurance.

     Every time the club is organizing a trip,will remind or require participants to buy personal accident insurance, but the response of the people is not much. Therefore, the club can only from other aspects of the development of safety regulations, such as going out to ride a bike must wear a helmet, if not wearing a helmet, the club will refuse to participate in the activities of the person.

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