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Motorcycle insurance companies teach you how to buy insurance

Dec 25, 2015

  1,How to insure the compulsory insurance?

     In simple terms,in the local business outlets of insurance companies can be insured to pay compulsory insurance.The motorcycle insurance companies's marketing channels: direct sales channels (dot straight battalion), the dealer channels (motor vehicle dealer outlets), telephone sales channels (telemarketing), agent channels (by some insurance agency distribution) and so on.Therefore,we can choose motorcycle insurance companies that we trust,by telephone insured or directly to the outlets cover, of course,in some areas near a vehicle insurance agents, it can also be insured through their line. 

OKorder Motorcycle insurance companies teach you how to buy insurance

     2,What information should be provided in the policy of insurance?

     Cover compulsory insurance is divided into two cases

:A situation is a new car,when the insured need to carry purchase invoices、owner of identity card.The other is a vehicle has been on the cards,in the time of insurance, only to provide the driving license, the owner ID card.

     3,How much is the insurance rate in motorcycle insurance companies?

     Due to the compulsory insurance is the national policy of insurance,therefore,the premium rate is also a unified pricing by the National Insurance Regulatory Commission,  every area and motorcycle insurance companies are not entitled to independent pricing.

     According to the "motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance premium rate",the displacement of the motorcycle is below 50 ml, the annual premium is 80 yuan,the displacement of the motorcycle is between 50 ml and 250 ml, the motorcycle's annual premium is 120 yuan.Displacement is more than 250 ml, the annual premium isof 400 yuan.Of course,it does not include travel tax, travel tax can be collected by the motorcycle insurance companies.Around the travel tax standard may not the same,or example ,in our Henan Province, the displacement from 50 to 250 of the motorcycle is 40 yuan per year.

     According to the "traffic insurance Ordinance" and "traffic insurance clause",for intentional accident, the owner of their losses, litigation costs, caused the accident of blackout or short of water supply stopping gas and other indirect loss, the motorcycle insurance companies are not liable.In addition, drunk driving, driving without a license, vehicle theft during the accident,the insurance company only paid rescue fee to the victims,and do not bear other losses.Here need to emphasize particularly, the hit and run, drinking driving (not up to the standard of drunk), cross strong insurance is a normal claims.


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