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what is the advantages of transportation?

Dec 25, 2015

advantages of transportation---maintain value

     Cargo transportation has the function of preserving and increasing the value. In other words, any product from production to final consumption, must go through a period of time, a distance, in this period of time and distance, we must go through transport, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, and many times of cargo transportation activities.In this process, the product may be immersed in water, wet rain, rust, breakage, loss etc.. The mission of goods transportation is to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon, to ensure product quality and quantity from producer to consumer, and to protect the value of the product, so that the value of the product in the consumer is constant. 

OKorder what is the advantages of transportation?

     advantages of transportation---Save

     Do a good job of transportation, can save natural resources, human resources and energy, but also to save costs. For example, the container transportation, can simplify the commodity packaging, save a lot of packaging paper and wood; realize mechanized loading and unloading operations, warehouse storage automation, can save a lot of operating personnel, greatly reduce personnel expenses. Examples abound of the importance of saving the cost of goods transportation.

     advantages of transportation---Shorten distance

     Cargo transportation can overcome the time interval, the distance between the interval and the person's interval, which is also the nature of the goods transport. Modern goods transportation in short.

     advantages of transportation---Protect the environment

     For example, in the outskirts of the city set up a few cargo transportation center, distribution center.Large trucks in both the day and night are not into the city, and only use two tons of small truck distribution, the noise will be reduced at night; the government attaches importance to the transport of goods, and vigorously build urban roads, stations, terminals, urban traffic congestion will ease, air quality will improve.

     advantages of transportation---Create social benefits

     The realization of mechanization and automation of loading and unloading operation can not only improve the labor productivity, but also can liberate the productive forces. To free the workers from the heavy manual labor, which in itself is the respect for people, is to create social benefits.

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