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The advantages and disadvantages of transport mode

Dec 25, 2015

 Advantages and disadvantages of transportation with railway

      Advantages: The process of railway transportation is fast, the transportation capacity is big, the railway transportation process is limited by natural conditions, continuous strong, can guarantee the full year operation, and can ensure the full year operation.

      Disadvantages: Too high investment, long construction period, large noise.

OKorder  The advantages and disadvantages of transport mode

      Advantages and disadvantages of transportation with highway

      Advantages: Can directly to the goods from shipment sent to the receiving office, the implementation of door-to-door one-stop service; suitable for short distance transportation, and short distance transport costs are low; easy loading; adaptability is strong, as the cohesion of the other modes of transport. Easy to connect railway, water transport and air transport, is conducive to clear the goods, is an important part of the integrated transport system, is an effective tool for the distribution of goods and materials.

      The shortcomings of highway transportation are: Not suitable for mass transportation. The economic radius of highway transportation is generally within 200 kilometers; long distance transportation freight is relatively expensive; easy to pollute environment, accident; consume more energy.

      Advantages and disadvantages of transportation with waterway

      Advantages: Transport capacity is the largest; in the transport condition of good channel, through capacity is almost unrestricted; general performance is good, can be used to transport goods, especially large objects; water transportation construction investment is small, transportation costs low; average running distance.

      Disadvantages: Under the influence of natural conditions, the transportation speed is slow, and the safety is lower.

      Advantages and disadvantages of transportation with air

      Advantages: Fast; short distance; low cost of capital construction; high capacity of passenger transport; high security.

      Disadvantages: High transportation costs, high prices, limited by the weather, not easy to deal with emergencies, the size of the aircraft.

      Advantages and disadvantages of transportation with pipeline

      Advantages: Large volume, less land, short pipeline transportation construction period, low cost, safety and reliability, continuity and energy consumption, low energy consumption, low cost, good effect, little influence by external factors.

      Disadvantages: Flexible, it is not easy to expand the pipeline; pipeline transportation often with the railway, highway or waterway with the completion of the transport; transport volume is less, the cost will increase.

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