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advantages and disadvantages of road transport

Dec 25, 2015

     Highway transportation is composed by road and car.

OKorder advantages and disadvantages of road transport

     一、advantages and disadvantages of road transport---Characteristics and functions of road transport.

  Road transport is a flexible, simple and convenient mode of transport. Distribution of goods in short run, it has more advantages than by rail, air transport, especially in the realization of "door to door" transport, its importance is more significant.But road transport also has some limitations, such as: load small, not suitable for loading heavy items, bulky goods, not suitable for long-distance transport to go; vehicle shock run large, easy to cause cargo damage accident, while transport costs cost is high compared with waterways and railways. 

     二、advantages and disadvantages of road transport---Mode of operation  

     In a market economy, in the form of road transport organizations generally have the following categories.

     (一)Common Carrier;(二)Contract Carrier;(三)Private Operator;(四)Freight Forwarder

     三、advantages and disadvantages of road transport---Road Freight

     Road freight are "tons / years" for the unit, there are two computing standards, one grade according to the provisions of the basic goods freight rates, one to the road grade basic tariff provisions. When all of a transportation route that contains two or more grade highways, places tariffs were calculated actual mileage. Special way, such as mountains, river, wilderness area, by supporting both sides agreed to another meeting.

     四、advantages and disadvantages of road transport---Limitation of Liability

     (一)Carrier Liability:Road transport carrier liability period is until the delivery of the goods when receiving goods from the stop. During this period, the carrier for the loss liable for damage to the goods. But not because the cargo carrier's liability for loss caused by damage, the carrier is not responsible.

     (二)Shipper liability:Road transport shipper responsibilities basic and railways, maritime transport the same, including: time and to provide a specified number of cargo; provide accurate detailed description of goods; Marks cargo clear signs; packaging integrity, adapted transportation; pay the freight as required .

     五、International road transport conventions and agreements

     In order to facilitate intermodal container carried out, so that containers can pass intact through the country, between the member states of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe belongs concluded a tariff agreement on container in 1956.

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