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What is garden villa

Dec 25, 2015

Many buyers are very interested in the garden villa, garden villa is the most exclusive upper class. What is garden villa? At present, a lot of low density of the community there is more and more garden villa. What are the characteristics of the garden villa? The following small series of detailed information on the garden villa, To help you understand what is garden villa and its characteristics.

    What is garden house?Garden Villa is a low-density residential, generally the volume rate of not more than 1 households with foreign architectural style residential garden. Garden villa garden planning better, higher rates, the emphasis on the landscape are good, there is a certain scale of the community.

Garden Villa has broad and narrow sense, broad sense of garden villa is between the villas and apartments, refers to the 6 layer multilayer plate construction, in four main foreign architectural style is obvious, emphasize the landscape are good, greening rate is relatively high, with a widespread suburban area, general gifts garden first floor the top, Mini terrace, there will be outdoor landscape into interior.

What is garden villa definition,The narrow sense of the garden villa, also known as the western style villa, garden apartments and small houses with lawns and gardens, garage hospital style cottage or two or three storey building.

OKorder What is garden villa

    Garden Villa in the sense of the size of the garden villa in a narrow sense, but it is also a low density residential, and ordinary residential apartments. Generalized Garden Villa positioning of the customer is still the middle class, and has a certain cultural taste.

    What is garden Villa features

1, open style of life, is the most important garden villa.

2, the architectural style of foreign style, foreign flavor, for the European and North American style, there are also a few Nanyang style.

3, the building density is very low, the green rate is higher, the emphasis on the landscape is good, the first layer generally has private garden.

4, in the construction scale, consider the design of human nature.

5, target consumer positioning: middle and high income people, even including the domestic high income families, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and other countries Chinese, foreigners.

6, garden villa is reflected as "two low one high: two low" of the bottom layer, low density, "a high" means high comfort.

7, Housing design more humane

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